8 Reasons to Choose Freelance Work from Home

If you currently work full time outside the house, opting to quit your job and start freelancing from home is a big move.

Working from home does come with its own challenges – the ability to be self-motivated and managing both home and work duties are among the biggest – but in many cases, the rewards are infinitely greater.

While there are pluses and minuses with every decision, the benefits of freelance work from home far outweigh the negatives.

This is often especially true if you’re a mom to young kids. Getting everyone up and out the door is hard work every day, but it’s often necessary because we just can’t live without that paycheck.

Luckily, you can still bring in that extra money, and you don’t necessarily need to leave the house if you don’t want to. Working from home as a freelancer is a very doable option for many moms. Here are some of the many perks that come with working from home.

You’ll have flexibility

If you’re tired of the 9-5 grind, freelancing is the answer.

When you choose to freelance, you’re typically able to build your own schedule. While you may still have things you have to do at a certain time, like a phone call or a photo shoot, your time is generally your own.

If you want to catch your daughter’s school performance or make it to your son’s soccer game, you’re free to do so. As long as you get the work done, freelancing offers excellent flexibility.

You can follow your passion

Have you always wanted to explore your creative side, but haven’t had the time or capacity to do so? When you freelance, you aren’t pigeonholed by your job description or limited as to what you’re supposed to do.

Rather than spend your working day doing tasks and duties delegated to you, you can instead focus your time and energy on the things you love.

Whether it’s website building, freelance writing, photography, or something else entirely, freelancing allows you to follow your passion, and not someone else’s.

You can be your own boss

Wake up with a sick kid and don’t want to work? When you freelance, you won’t have to.

Prefer to burn the midnight oil and sleep in in the morning? Freelancing from home means you can choose your own hours.

Forget office politics and dealing with unpleasant coworkers. When you freelance, you are the one in control.

You can spend more time with your kids

This one was one of the biggest motivators for me to start freelancing. With freelance work, I don’t have to leave my kids in the care of someone else day in and day out.

This is certainly a decision that varies from family to family, but it became clear as soon as my son was born that being home with me would be better for him than any other situation. As a baby, he required in-home therapy and services that would have been next to impossible to get for him in a daycare setting.

Long story short, I’ve been able to stay home, now homeschool my children, and don’t have the stress and worry of finding care for them. Plus, freelance work allows me to provide some much-needed income for my family.

Say goodbye to those extra expenses

When you have a full-time job you can expect a full-time income, but that also comes with full-time expenses.

I’m not making any startling revelations when I say that daycare is expensive. And those dollar signs really add up when you have more than one child. Add to that commuting costs, wardrobe expenses, and eating out, and you’re really working hard for little take-home pay.

When you work from home you don’t have to worry about any of those extra expenses. While you probably find yourself with other, different expenses (and self-employment taxes), you’ll likely find that you’re spending far less and keeping much more of your hard-earned money.

You can work from anywhere

Whether you want to take your laptop along on vacation or you’re hoping to answer some emails while your son has soccer practice, as a freelancer you can virtually work from anywhere.

I’ve found much freedom in a weekend writing escape to Starbucks, and I’ve also been able to work while we’ve traveled to visit my parents for several days at a time.

While I’ll likely never be one of those freelancers who can boast about working from a beach on the shores of Tahiti, there is definitely freedom in being able to work from anywhere my family happens to be.

When it comes to income, the sky’s the limit

It’s true that by taking on freelance work you may be giving up a promised salary, but this also means that you are no longer limited by this salary.

While a salary can feel safe, it generally stays the same no matter how hard you work. As a freelancer, if you put in the time and hard work you’re likely to see more reward for your effort.

When you work for yourself, there is unlimited earning potential if you’re willing to work for it.

You’ll gain confidence

There’s nothing quite so empowering as being an entrepreneur.

As freelancers, I truly believe that we are entrepreneurs. You’ll be running your own business, finding your own clients, choosing your work, and conducting yourself in a professional manner, all while learning new skills along the way.

There is a huge sense of pride and a boost of confidence that comes while working as a freelancer.

Getting Started with freelance work from home

Freelancing isn’t always easy, but it is one job where effort and hard work go a long way. These and other perks have made my dive into the world of freelance writing one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

If you’re ready to start your own freelance business from home, be sure to check out my guide: How to Start a Freelance Business From Home

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  1. I can’t agree more with these points. When I decided to start freelancing my number one fear was that I would kind of slack off and not really know how well I would handle projects if I didn’t have a boss or someone helping me stay on track. Fast forward to almost a year in and I’ve gained so much confidence. I love working from home and I love being able to really control my life. Wouldn’t change it for anything

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