15 Free Apps that Pay You to Walk: Make Money Exercising

Want to make some extra cash for things you’re doing every day?

If you want to earn extra income and get some exercise too, there are apps that pay you to walk.

You won’t make a ton of money doing this, but it’s always nice to have a little extra money coming your way. Especially when it’s for doing something that’s easy and fun.

If you’re a mom like I am, you know how hard it can be to squeeze some exercise into the day. This monetary incentive is just the motivation you might need to get moving.

Top Apps That Pay You to Walk

If you’re already taking the dog for a daily walk or your morning routine involves putting the baby in the stroller and sweating around the neighborhood, why not earn a few dollars for your hard work?

With one or more of these apps that pay you to walk, you can make a little extra money doing what you already love.

1) Achievement

achievement apps that pay you to walk

Walking is just one of the ways you can make money with Achievement. In fact, this app pays you for completing any number of different exercises, including walking, running, biking, and swimming.

Achievement works on a points system. When you log your daily exercise, you can earn up to 80 points per day. You’ll also earn points for things like sleep tracking, meditating, weight check-in, and sharing your progress on social media.

If you maximize your point earnings every day, it will take you four months to earn $10. This means you have the potential to earn $30 per year.

Not exactly the income you need to quit your day job, but enough to buy a couple of pizzas (which, of course, you can walk off after).

What’s nice about Achievement is that it’s a set-it and forget-it kind of platform.

It syncs with over 20 other fitness trackers and apps like Garmin, RunKeeper, Strava, MyFitnessPal, and more. It can also connect to any activity tracked by your smartphone.

This is a nice feature if you’re already monitoring your fitness progress, and want to get paid for walking without any additional steps as far as tracking goes.

2) Charity Miles

It’s true that Charity Miles won’t pay you to walk, but they will pay your favorite charity. With this app you can get exercise and perform good works, all at once.

This app is connected with many popular charitable organizations – more than 40 – and they’ll use a GPS tracker to log your daily physical activities.

Just make sure you are logged on before you go for your walk or jog. It will keep track of your rewards over time, and then make a donation to the charity of your choice when you have accumulated enough rewards.

3) FitPotato

FitPotato has a pretty simple concept – make a bet, and then exercise.

If you win the bet, you get paid. You can also challenge friends or other FitPotato users within the app. It encourages walking, running, and dog walking.

If you are really motivated by external incentives (like winning a bet), this app will be right up your alley.

One thing to note about this walking app is that it does not yet have Android compatibility, so for now it’s only available to Apple users.

4) Higi

higi app for walking

Higi is one of the highest paying apps, offering a more comprehensive way to track your vitals as well as your steps. It gives you rewards if you lead a healthy lifestyle.

Using the Higi app, you can connect with compatible Higi Stations located in select pharmacies and grocery stores. These stations offer free health screenings and track your vitals.

You also earn points with every mile that you walk. Earn more points by completing health challenges that are posted from time to time within the app.

Higi doesn’t offer cash payouts. Instead, earn rewards points that you can redeem within the Higi store.

5) Lifecoin

When you use Lifecoin, you’ll get virtual coins every time you walk. Once you accumulate enough coins, you can trade them in for rewards like gift cards, electronics, or sporting goods.

If you hope to gain rewards for any walking you do on a treadmill or just around your backyard, this app isn’t the best choice. That’s because it uses your phone’s GPS system to track your progress and calculate your steps.

Still, if you usually leave the house and walk around your neighborhood or a city block for exercise, this is a popular choice for rewarding you for your steps.

6) Lympo

lympo walking app

If you need the motivation to get walking, Lympo might be the answer. When you use this app, you use your steps to work towards completing challenges.

If you complete the daily or weekly challenges, you get rewarded. Those rewards can then be used for purchases within the Lympo marketplace.

Within the marketplace there are lots of options for prizes, including Amazon gift cards, merchandise, electronics, clothes, and shoes.

This app does sync with Google Fit or Samsung Health to offer you a more complete picture of your health and activity.

7) MapMyFitness

If you’re looking for another way to track your steps and a whole lot more, consider the MapMyFitness app.

Developed by Under Armour, this fitness tracker aims to cover everything you could want – including walking. It takes a deep-dive into your fitness performance, calculating things like calories burned, heart rate, and average pace. You can even find training plans and audio coaching within the app.

As you workout, get rewarded with fitness challenges and reward prizes. You can’t convert these prizes to cash, but you can use them for merchandise and apparel, including Under Armour gear.

8) PK Rewards

pk rewards walking app

The concept behind PK Rewards is pretty simple. Connect the app to a compatible fitness tracker, track your exercise efforts, and get reward coins along the way.

When you have enough coins, redeem them for prizes from your favorite brands.

9) StepBet

If you find that you’re unmotivated to exercise, StepBet may be the app you’re looking for. While you can make money walking using this app, you can also lose money. Yikes.

The way this works is that you first set your fitness goals, and place a bet on yourself that you can achieve those goals. If you reach them, you get your money back plus a profit.

If not, you get nothing and in fact forgo the money you placed as the initial bet.

Opening bets usually start around $40, and you’ll have six weeks to achieve your goals. This app does sync with other fitness trackers, making it easy for you to map your progress.

10) Sweatcoin

Sweatcoin is a walking app that rewards you for your steps with digital currency. Earn .95 SweatCoins for every 1,000 steps you take.

After you’ve earned enough Sweatcoins, you can redeem them for merchandise or rewards, or make a donation to charity.

One thing to note about this app is that it doesn’t connect with any fitness trackers. After you download it, you’ll need to enable the GPS settings on your phone to track your steps and movement as you walk.

This means you’ll have to head outside and walk for the steps to count. Unfortunately, indoor exercise and treadmill use don’t count.

11) Walgreens Balance Rewards

If you shop at Walgreens, there’s an easy way to make money to use at the store through the Walgreens Balance Rewards program. Through this rewards program, you’ll earn points which you can redeem for coupons and discounts in-store.

How does walking fit-in?

If you connect your Walgreens account to a fitness tracker, you’ll start to accrue Balance Rewards points for every mile that you walk (running or cycling also count).

You can also get extra points if you add your weight and blood measurements.

Expect to get 20 points for every mile. Once you reach 5,000 points, you get a $5 coupon to use in the store.

12) Winwalk

Winwalk is a simple pedometer app that you download to your phone in order to track your steps. Earn reward coins for every 100 steps you take.

Once you earn enough coins, you can exchange them for e-gift cards to a number of top stores.

Winwalk also helps motivate you to get moving, sending you daily reminders to keep going. In addition to your steps, this app tracks distance, calories, and active time.

Alternative Ways to Get Paid to Walk

Sometimes it helps to think outside the box. In fact, some of the highest-paying walking apps might not necessarily pay you for the number of steps that you take, but for what you do when you’re walking.

If you’re really in this to make some extra cash, you’ll want to check out the following apps that pay you to “walk.”

13) Gigwalk

gigwalk app that pays you to walk

Gigwalk is not your average walking app. You don’t get paid for the actual walking, but you do get paid for completing certain duties, called gigs.

For instance, you could be asked to visit a local restaurant or run an errand for a small business.

Gigs and their corresponding payment vary greatly.

You can earn anywhere from $3 to $100 or more, and you could spend 5 minutes or a few hours completing your task.

While I don’t know if this would be the kind of app that’s helpful to most moms, I figured I would add it here since we all have different situations.

It just might be the perfect way for you to earn some extra cash!

14) Rover

Love animals? You don’t need to just count your steps to get paid. Use the Rover app to sign up for a dog walking job and make money walking other people’s animals.

Dog walking is a great form of exercise. And depending on your route, you could earn $10 to $20 walking someone’s dog around the block.

That’s far more than what you will make with any fitness tracker apps.

15) Wag!

Wag! is another app that connects on-demand dog walkers with pet owners. If you love animals or are looking for a furry companion as you get your exercise, this could be the app for you.

Wag! isn’t a step counter. Instead, it’s a dog walking service.

This gives you the potential to earn far more than the nominal amounts that you get from most walking apps.

How to Maximize Your Walking Rewards

If you really want to get the most bang for your buck and maximize your rewards, try signing up for more than one walking app.

While some might not work well if they’re both syncing with an outside fitness tracker, it can’t hurt to try and run several at once. This could mean that you double or triple the rewards you receive for your effort.

Walking might seem like a difficult thing to fit into your day (especially if you’re a mom with young kids at home), so think of ways you can fit it in.

Can you wake up early before your spouse heads to work, or take an hour for yourself in the evening when he gets home?

How about strapping the baby in the stroller, or taking the kids to the park and circling the playground while they play?

I’ve been known to circle the soccer field while my kids had practice. It might seem a little goofy, but it’s a great way to fit some exercise into a jam-packed day!

No matter what you do, it’s so important to make sure you don’t neglect exercise, especially if you’re a work at home mom. Regular exercise helps keep us healthy and balanced, both physically and mentally.

If there’s an app that’s going to pay me to do what I should already be doing anyway, I see that as an added bonus!

Other Ways to Make Extra Money

Finding apps that pay you to walk are a fun way to earn extra cash while you exercise, but you won’t make big bucks this way.

If you want more ideas for things you can do for extra cash, check out the following:

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