Best Stay at Home Mom Jobs – 25 Legitimate Options for Making Real Money

Finding a way to make money from home is a goal for many stay-at-home moms. So many want to stay home with their kids, or they recognize that daycare is not an option, but the truth is, it’s hard to make it work in today’s economy on just one income.

Thankfully, with a good internet connection and a working computer, there are lots of options available. Whether you’re looking for a part-time side hustle or a full-time income, there are plenty of ways for a stay-at-home mom to make money.

Check out these stay at home mom jobs and see if any of them feel like they would be a good fit.

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Online Jobs for Stay at Home Moms

Many of the best stay at home mom jobs require nothing more than a computer and an internet connection. These top online jobs are ideal for moms who want to work from home.

1) Blogger

If you really want to be your own boss, have tons of flexibility, and potentially make a full-time income, blogging is the best job you could do.

As a blogger, you get to set your own deadlines and be your own boss. And if you treat it like a business and stick with it, you can make thousands of dollars per month.

While I think it’s the best stay at home mom job (and many agree with me), it’s not easy.

You may get rich, but it won’t be quickly. In fact, it could take several years before you build up a successful business.

There are many blogs out there and many of them fail – but there are also plenty that are super successful.

If you like to write and are passionate about something, you can be successful too. You don’t have to have any major specialty – parenting, pregnancy, crafts, and DIY are all super popular blogging topics, and they are all moneymakers.

Blogging takes time, so if you need to make money right away you may want to choose one of the other ways to make money while you’re working on your blog.

For instance, choose a service you can offer while you’re building up your blog (something like freelance writing or editing is always a good fit). That way you can have a steady income stream until your blog is profitable.

2) Freelance Writer

Think of all the content you see online. Someone needs to write that content.

I’ve written articles for more websites than I can count. This includes everything from blog posts to product descriptions to ultimate guides. There are just so many ways you can make money as a content provider.

If you find the right clients and market your skills correctly, you could earn six figures per year as a freelance writer. In fact, I’ve made $1200 writing just one article!

Like me, Elna Cain is a stay at home mom who’s made a significant income as a freelance writer.

If you’re looking to get started, she has a course that shows you how it’s done. (Elna shows you that she’s also made $1200 off just one article, so she knows her stuff!).

I highly recommend you check out Elna’s course if you’re looking for the nuts and bolts of how to break into a career as a freelance writer.

3) Proofreader

Does it drive you crazy when you’re reading something and you find a typo? I’m definitely one of those people, and I find it amazing that I’m able to find typos in things in print like newspaper articles and even books.

If you love to read and are always spotting simple errors like spelling or punctuation mistakes, proofreading may be an excellent work-from-home job for you.

Proofreading is a great job for moms because it is so flexible. You don’t have to be working certain hours of the day or dealing with clients while your kids need you.

Knowadays is a course that will teach you all about how to be a proofreader from home. Plus, if you pass the course, you’re guaranteed employment with their sister company, Proofed.

Check out my Knowadays review to learn more about this unique opportunity.

4) Editor

An editor can offer proofreading services, but the jobs are a bit different, which is why I’ve listed them separately. While a proofreader serves as the last pair of eyes on a document and looks for any typos or mistakes, an editor critiques the document as a whole.

As an editor, you’d spot inconsistencies in the writing, or highlight things that need to be changed or rewritten. This is a much more thorough job than simply proofreading.

If you want to work as an editor, you have to be a pretty decent writer and have a solid grasp of English grammar.

This is a good position to start as a freelancer, but you can also check out companies that hire editors from home like American Journal Experts or Cactus Communications.

5) Test Scorer

Online test scorers grade and evaluate tests, papers, and essays. This is a side hustle that’s good for moms because it offers a very flexible schedule.

This work can be seasonal, as it usually coincides with the school year. Jobs are in high demands, so you may have trouble finding work right away. I always suggest applying with a variety of companies, checking back often to see if there are any openings.

Find a complete list of online test scoring companies and learn more about this work from home position here.

Woman teaching online

6) Online Tutor

In this online age, it’s easier than ever to work as a tutor. Now you don’t have to leave your house or arrange in-person appointments with students. You simply need to hop online.

There are online tutoring positions available for just about every subject and age group. While you can strike out on your own as a freelance tutor if you so choose, there are also a variety of companies that hire tutors to work for them.

Depending on the subjects and ages you want to tutor, check out EF Teach Online, Cambly Tutors, Preply, and Chegg Tutors.

Read More: The Best Online Tutoring Jobs

7) Voice Over Artist

You don’t need access to a professional studio to make money as a voice over artist. In fact, you can make money with this job without ever leaving your house.

If you have a clear, crisp voice, make money with voice over jobs. People hire voice over artists for all sorts of things, from reading audio books to recording television commercials.

In order to do this job, you will need some proper equipment, like a good microphone and specialized software. And if you’re home with your kids, you’ll obviously need to work at a time when you will be undisturbed.

Still, it’s amazing that this is a job you can do without ever leaving the house.

Find out more about being a voice over artist from home with this course.

8) Search Engine Evaluator

Do you ever wonder how Google knows exactly how to bring you the very best websites in response to your search query?

Well, there’s a lot that goes into it (and they don’t often divulge their secrets), but one that we do know is that they use human search engine evaluators to rank websites.

In order to get this job, you need to first study a big document with some rigorous guidelines, and then pass an examination. It sounds a little daunting, but as long as you study you should be fine.

Throughout the course of the job, you’ll examine and rank websites and search results based on a certain set of rubrics.

Pay is typically hourly, which can be difficult if you’re trying to do it while watching small children at the same time. This is a job best saved for nap time or after bed.

Check out Appen or Lionbridge to learn more about working as a search engine evaluator.

9) Virtual Assistant

Want to earn $5K – $10K per month from home all while taking care of your kids? It’s totally possible as a virtual assistant.

This work from home position is really a catch-all term that can describe a whole variety of services. Scheduling appointments, doing research, answering emails, and typing documents are just some of the things you can be doing as a virtual assistant.

You can make a pretty penny doing it, too. Abbey Ashley of The Virtual Savvy has built up an extremely successful business as a virtual assistant from home, and she’s got a step-by-step blueprint that shows just how it’s done.

Head on over to check out her free training, or dive right in to her Savvy System course and see how you can get started as a virtual assistant from home.

10) Social Media Manager

If you’re a business, having a social media presence is a must.

So much brand awareness, advertising, and customer service now take place over Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Any business that doesn’t have a strong presence on these platforms is really going to fall behind.

With all that said, managing all of these accounts is a lot of work.

In fact, it’s so much work that many business owners (especially small business owners and entrepreneurs), are more than willing to outsource this job to someone who knows what they’re doing.

As a social media manager from home, you could take charge of regular posting, updating information, answering questions, and responding to customer service issues.

This is a good job for a stay at home mom, especially if you’re already spending time on these platforms anyway.

11) Graphic Designer

There’s no reason to let a graphic design background go to waste just because you’re home with your kids.

Graphic design is super easy to do from home because it’s one of those flexible jobs that can be done in your own time. Create logos, printables, posters, flyers, and more, all from home.

And, while a design background might help you, it isn’t totally necessary for success. As long as you know how to create beautiful things, you can find clients.

Read More: Learn How to Become a Freelance Graphic Designer 

12) Transcriptionist

As a transcriptionist, you’ll listen to audio files and then type them out as you listen. There is a learning curve with this one, but it’s totally doable as a job from home.

In fact, Janet Shaughnessy is a woman who’s been so successful as a transcriptionist from home that she’s built a six-figure income for herself.

While she teaches everything you need to know about transcription jobs from home, she’ll also be the first to tell you that transcription is not for everyone. It does require patience and attention to detail.

If you want to consider this job or learn more about it, I recommend you try out her free course before you commit to anything. This gives you an idea of the ins and outs of how transcription works and whether or not it would be a good fit for you.

13) Bookkeeper

You don’t need to be an accountant or have special certification to be a bookkeeper. You just need strong organizational skills and a head for finances.

As a stay at home mom, you could offer part-time bookkeeping services for one or more businesses right from your home.

While I have not done this myself (math is not my thing), I have a friend who does this while she’s home with her children. This often involves doing things like tracking invoices, processing payroll, and managing accounts payable and receivable.

Young Woman With Baby Working From Home

14) Online Travel Agent

Organizing a trip can be a lot of work, which is why many people like to outsource the stress of it all to a travel agent. Since working as a travel agent doesn’t require a physical office, this is something you could totally do from home.

If you love planning and are detail-oriented, use those skills to help people plan their vacations!

There is training and certification you can receive for this online if you wish to work through an agency, or you can opt to go it alone and find your own clients.

15) Teach English Online

Teaching English online is a booming field with many work-from-home opportunities. There are a variety of companies that connect native English speakers with others across the globe.

If you have a Bachelor’s degree and prior teaching experience, check out VIPKid. This is a regular contracted position that connects you with schoolchildren in China who are learning English. Other companies include Teach Away, Magic Ears, and SayABC.

Each organization has different requirements for who they hire, so check out several if you’re considering this stay-at-home mom job.

Read More: The Ultimate Guide to Teaching English from Home

16) Work as an Online Fashion Stylist

Have you heard of subscription clothes boxes?

They basically send shoppers a variety of outfit choices each month based on the user’s style preferences. The shopper will first fill out an online profile describing his or her tastes, and offer feedback on the types of clothes they prefer.

Well, someone needs to be on the other end of that computer screen picking the right clothes for the user based on that profile. That’s where an online fashion consultant comes in.

As an online fashion stylist, you can arrange outfits for the customer based on that customer’s fashion profile.

Check StitchFix to see if they are hiring for fashion consultant jobs, or look for other clothing subscription companies for similar opportunities.

17) Customer Service Representative

Since having a 24/7 presence is important for business, many companies are now hiring customer service representatives to work right from home.

You could do this either answering phone calls or responding to online chat support. Many times you don’t need any prior experience to do this kind of work.

While this is a good work from home job, it isn’t for everyone.

Most customer service jobs require you to work a set schedule every day, so you may lose some of the flexibility that comes with other jobs.

Still, the work is steady and you don’t have to worry about finding your own clients like you would in a freelance position.

The best way to find an in-home customer service position is to look on job boards and career sites like or

18) Freelance Interior Designer

Believe it or not, working as an interior designer doesn’t necessarily mean you need to leave home.  All interior design consultations can now be done virtually, thanks to video chat and various design software platforms.

While you should definitely have some experience under your belt and a portfolio of past work to do this job, you don’t have to go it alone.

Companies like Decorilla and Havenly hire remote designers to work from anywhere. As a mom, this means you could be working at your kitchen table while your kids are around.

19) Sell Handmade Items

Now more than ever, there is a huge market for beautiful handmade and unique items, as people look to move away from more mass-produced merchandise.

As a creator, you have a number of options when it comes to selling your handmade items. There is always a market locally at craft fairs and similar venues, but there is also the potential to reach a significantly larger audience on Etsy.

I offer even more suggestions and an in-depth look at where to sell online here.

woman taking a picture

20) Work as a Photographer

There are many moms who have their own photography businesses, simply because it’s a very doable job when you’re home with small kids.

As a photographer, you’d be the boss of your time and commitments. This really gives you the freedom to set your appointments only when you have time, like when your husband is home or the kids are in school.

Lots of editing and behind-the-scenes work can be done on the computer while you’re home with your kids. If you have that eye and the equipment, start your own photography business right from home.

21) Become an Amazon Reseller

There are a whole bunch of people who make money buying discounted items and reselling them on Amazon for a slightly higher price. You can be one of them.

If you love shopping for bargains and can’t pass up a good deal, this might be a great work-from-home job for you. After you purchase things for cheap, you resell them for a little more money on Amazon.

Doesn’t this sound like fun? Jessica at The Selling Family has made this work for her family and she has some great guides on how to become an Amazon FBA seller from home.

22) Web Designer

A website is pretty much a must-have for every entrepreneur and business owner, but building and maintaining a site can be a tricky thing.

If you know how to build sites, this is a service that is in high demand, especially among small business owners. Many do not have the means or ability to hire an in-house designer, but they lack the skills to do it on their own.

That’s where you can come in.

Offering web design services from home is an easy way to make money from your skills, and it’s a service that’s easy to work into your day when you have free time.

23) Virtual Coach

As a coach you can train and guide someone, right from the comfort of your home.

There are all sorts of virtual coaches, so consider what you may be good at!

As a fitness coach, you could oversee workout plans or create routines for your clients. As a business coach, you could guide someone in setting up and running their business.

The possibilities are really endless.

24) Work as an Online Business Manager

An online business manager is sort of similar to a virtual assistant in that you’re helping a business owner or entrepreneur run a business, but the job involves more big-picture items rather than taking on small tasks. In fact, as an OBM, you may even delegate tasks to a VA in order to help the business run more smoothly.

This type of job is perfect for natural leaders with savvy business acumen.

Read more about working from home as an online business manager here.

Offline Jobs for Stay-at-Home Moms

If working on the computer isn’t your thing, don’t worry. You don’t need to sit online all day to make money. Consider one of these offline jobs to make money.

24) Pet Sitter

Pet sitting is one of the easiest stay-at-home mom jobs because it doesn’t require (much) extra work on your part and you don’t need peace and quiet from your kids to get it done.

In fact, they can even help you with this one!

People use pet sitters all the time when they are traveling or need to be away from home. Some may even want company for their pets during the day because they have to work long hours and need someone to walk the dog.

In order to do this job, you will need pet supplies on hand and a special love for animals.

Choose what services you want to offer (like dog walking or overnight care), and then head to to advertise your services and find clients in your area.

25) Babysitting / Home Daycare

If you’re already home with your children during the day, you may find it easy to pick up babysitting or offering a home daycare service.

This allows you to earn an income while you’re doing the things you were already doing anyway.

Parents need a wide range of help in this area, from full-time coverage to after school care to the occasional weekend.

Decide what you’re able to handle, and then check local regulations. You may need certain insurance or certification for watching other people’s children in your home.

Other ways for Stay at Home Moms to Make Extra Money

While many stay at home mom jobs offer a full-time income, you may not want or need that kind of commitment. Not to fear!

If all you need is some extra cash, there are options for that too.


You won’t make a full-time income filling out surveys, but they are a fun and easy way to make some extra cash.

Survey Junkie is one of the top survey companies and it’s easy and free to sign up. Earn points for surveys – even those you start but don’t qualify for – and redeem those points for gift cards or cash.

Head on over to Survey Junkie to learn more about it.

Data Entry

Data entry involves compiling information and putting it into a format required by your employer. This will look different from company to company.

Data entry jobs are in high demand, so they aren’t always easy to get.

This is another area where you might run into some scammers. Just remember that you should never pay to get a data entry job. You’re doing the work, so you’re the one who gets the money!

If you do land a data entry job, you’ll find that it won’t pay enough to make a huge dent in your income. If you are hoping to make enough money to pay the bills, you’ll want to find another job as well.

Still, this is an easy way to make some extra cash in your spare time.

Because data entry is online and usually very easy to do, it’s definitely a good option for stay at home moms who want to make some extra money.


Love to shop?

A lot of people don’t, which is why Instacart is a viable way to make extra money. As an Instacart shopper, you’ll do grocery shopping for other people, and then deliver those groceries.

The amount of money you make will likely depend on how many jobs you’re able to complete and your home location.

This may even be something you can do with your kids in tow.  

Mystery Shopping

I always thought mystery shopping was one of those too-good-to-be-true jobs that didn’t really exist (kind of like stuffing envelopes).

It turns out I was wrong!

Yes, mystery shopping is a real thing, but you do have to do due diligence in scoping out potential companies to make sure they’re legitimate.

A mystery shopper completes shopping assignments at stores or businesses and then rates the service they get. You do usually have to pay upfront for whatever you purchase, but these items are reimbursable.

If you’re a stay at home mom, the idea of bringing your kids out to various stores to complete these assignments may not sound very enticing.

I hear you.

Luckily, there are also telephone mystery shopper jobs out there. These assignments involve calling and evaluating various businesses.

I avoid phone calls whenever possible, so I can’t personally vouch for any of these companies, but this article has a nice breakdown of businesses that may be hiring for mystery shopping positions from home.   

Mystery shopping is legitimate, but it’s a career field that’s rife with scammers.

I can’t stress this enough. If you opt to do this kind of work for extra cash, make sure you check the company with the Better Business Bureau and look for reviews online before signing on to anything.

How Much Money Can a Stay at Home Mom Earn?

The amount of money that you earn varies greatly depending on what kind of job you do and the amount of work you put in.

Most of the time, working from home isn’t a salaried job, and you don’t get paid hourly.

When you work from home, it’s true that the more you work and the more you charge, the more you get paid.

The great thing about stay at home mom jobs is that the earning potential is limitless. You aren’t limited by a salary cap or hourly wage.

While it does take hard work to build a profitable business, it is completely doable, even if you’re home with your kids.

Final Thoughts on Stay at Home Mom Jobs

Working from home has a lot of perks, but it’s not always easy, especially when you have kids. While it’s true some jobs, like blogging, have unlimited earning potential, it’s also a lot of hard work.

Becoming a work at home mama with one of these jobs is totally possible, but you have to know going into this that you’re going to have to be motivated and dedicated.

No matter what you choose, you’re going to need to have an entrepreneurial mindset. This means that you need to treat your new venture like a business, not just a hobby.

Expect to lose some sleep and put in long hours just to get things done. There’s just no way around it. However, I’ve found that the payoff makes this entirely worth it. I don’t just mean financially.

The ability for me to stay home with my kids each and every day and be with them as they grow is absolutely worth it in the long run.

What have I missed? Have you had success working from home as a stay at home mom? I’d love to hear any other ways you’ve been able to make money while staying home with your kids.

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