Best Virtual Assistant Training (Discover the Top Course for this Work at Home Job)

Learn how to become a highly paid virtual assistant from home with the right training.

Have you dreamed of being a virtual assistant?

Working as a virtual assistant is one of the top jobs for people who want to make money from home while being their own boss, and it’s no surprise why.

As more and more companies shift to hiring remote employees – especially since 2020 – they’re looking for virtual assistants to complete all of the administrative tasks that in-house staff used to take care of. These companies want to hire qualified virtual assistans they can depend on.

Luckily, you can become a qualified virtual assistant, even if you haven’t had any formal experience. A good virtual assistant training course will help you hone your skills while teaching you how to run your business and even find clients to work with.

The Savvy System is the best virtual assistant training course you’ll find. It’s designed to take anyone from complete newbie to professional VA, and it has additional training to help users scale their business. It’s featured as an Inc. 5000 top business, and it has helped thousands of people succesfully work from home. Here’s a closer look at why you should take this top training.

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Best Overall Virtual Assistant Training Course: The Savvy System by Abbey Ashley

So…Why is This One the Best?

A valid question! There are definitely quite a few virtual assistant training courses out there, so what makes this one stand out from the pack?

This course is the complete package

When comparing, I looked at a few different criteria and found the following perks:

  • The Savvy System is a total and complete course, designed to help you launch your business, even if you have no experience. It will help you determine what skills and talents you might have (even if you aren’t sure yourself), and teach you how to package those into a fully-fledged business.
  • It comes with top reviews. I found a lot of people out there who are having a lot of success after taking this program. I didn’t see many (or any) negative feedback
  • Lifetime access was another reason that this course is rated at the top. You don’t have to worry about rushing through it, because
  • Add-ons and upgrades are also numerous. If you feel like you’ve plateaued in your business, there’s something for you, too.
  • The course is current, and there’s always new stuff being added! For instance, Abbey’s just added a brand new 55-page course workbook as a supplement. This wasn’t here the last time I logged in. New updates and items are regullarly being added all the time.
  • You can pay all upfront or on a monthly installment plan. This is such a nice option if you’re on a budget but you’re ready to get your business off the ground. You get full access to the course immediately, no matter which payment method you choose.
  • The Virtual Savvy is a growing, successful business! It recently ranked on the Inc. 5000 fast-growth list of top private companies.
  • There is a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you aren’t happy with the course within 30 days of purchase, Abbey will give you a 100% refund. This is not always available with online courses, so it’s nice to see here.

Learn how to start your own virtual assistant business from a coach who’s trained thousands of successful business owners. Visit the Savvy System to find out more!

Course Background

The Savvy System is a course created by Abbey Ashley of The Virtual Savvy.

Abbey tells the story of being a new mom who was trying to make ends meet and living paycheck to paycheck in a job that she absolutely hated.

She decided to look for ways that she could make money from home so that she could stay with her young daughter, but kept hitting dead ends.

Finally, a friend suggested that she look into virtual assistance. Abbey quickly realized that organizational and administrative tasks were things she really excelled at, and so she started getting clients by offering these kinds of services.

Within weeks, Abbey says that she was able to double the salary from her full-time corporate job! That certainly got my attention when I read it.

Abbey soon found that she had so much work that she had to hire subcontractors to get it all done. Other people saw her success and began asking her to share how she was doing this. Abbey decided to start teaching and created her course so that others could discover how to make money this way.

Over time, she perfected her approach and fine-tuned the course, turning it into the successful course it is today.

To date, thousands of people have gone through the Savvy System successfully, making it the best virtual assistant training out there.

What Does it Include?

Take a look at this video to see what’s inside!

The Savvy System is a video-based course that contains over 100 lessons.

Within these lessons, you’ll cover everything you need to know about working as a virtual assistant, from creating your business website and landing your first clients to figuring out how to create a business contract and pay taxes.

Virtual Assistant Training

Within the course, you’ll find 14 modules that teach you what you need to know, including:

  • Discover Your Skillset
  • Pricing and Packages
  • Brand Academy
  • Processes and Assets
  • Payments, Invoicing, and Taxes
  • Legalities
  • Marketing 101
  • The Ultimate Marketing Plan
  • Web Development 101
  • The Virtual Assistant Lifestyle
  • Raising Your Prices
  • Building a Team
  • What’s Next

Each of these modules has 5 to 10 lessons within it. At the end of the lesson, you’ll have a homework assignment.

This means that there are more than 100 lessons in the course. This seems like a lot, but when you consider that this is a comprehensive training that covers just about everything, it makes sense. If you really want to be successful as a virtual assistant, you want something that’s very thorough. This is it.

One other nice perk of this course is that it comes with access to the private Facebook group. This gives you an actual community with people you can connect with. If you have a question, need advice, or even want to do some job networking, the Facebook group is the place to do that.

Course Extras

One of the nice perks about The Savvy System is that it isn’t just a virtual assistant training course. With your purchase, you also get a lot of nice things that help propel your business off the ground.

Here are some of the course extras you can expect:

  • Access to the VA Toolbox, where you’ll find a template VA contract, subcontracting agreement, and portfolio. Rather than spend hours of time trying to develop these things yourself, you can use the template to create your own documents within minutes.
  • Squarespace web design coaching to help you create your VA website
  • LinkedIn training
  • Access to the VA Template Vault, where you’ll find scripts and templates to help you as you work with clients
  • Monthly coaching calls
  • VA Database listing
  • Proposal reviews
  • Job opportunity listings

How Long Will it Take to Complete the Course?

The course is 20 hours long. While there is a suggested course pace, as seen below, the entire thing is self-paced, so it’s really up to you as to how long you want to spend on the training. Some people finish it in a matter of weeks, but others take much longer.

The nice thing is that you have lifetime access, so you don’t need to worry about rushing through for fear of losing access. Plus, the lifetime purchase means you’ll be able to see and benefit from any updates made down the road.

What Kind of Success Can I Expect After Taking the Course?

Abbey says it’s very reasonable to expect to be making $5K to $10K per month after the completion of her course, but she doesn’t offer any guarantees.

As with any successful business venture, it does take time and effort to build your business. However, many of Abbey’s students report making back their course investment very quickly.

Many people go on to make full-time incomes right from home. And those who complete the course are able to network with others to find clients and help build their business.

Learn how to start your own virtual assistant business from a coach who’s trained thousands of successful business owners. Visit the Savvy System to find out more!

What are Users Saying?

Whenever you make a big purchase you want to read reviews and hear feedback, and this is no different.

There are a lot of positive reviews out there for this virtual assistant training.

Here are some of the things reviewers are saying:

It’s always nice to see positive reviews on a product sales page, but of course, those are going to be front and center.

I also looked around social media to find unsolicited feedback. I found plenty of positives from other people, too.

Here’s just a couple I found (in just a minute or two of looking):

This is just a small sampling of the positive feedback out there. Overall, I’ve found nothing but good reviews from people who have taken the course and gone on to successfully build up a virutal assistant business.

How Do I Know if It’s a Good Fit for Me?

The Savvy System is a big purchase, which is why it’s important to make sure that this is something that’s a good fit.

If you’re on the fence, you may want to first sign up for the free training, Become a Booked Out Virtual Assistant. This will give you a taste of how Abbey teaches.

Where Do I Find More Info?

The best place is to head straight to The Savvy System website.

There you’ll find all the information you need about this virtual assistant course.

Learn how to start your own virtual assistant business from a coach who’s trained thousands of successful business owners. Visit the Savvy System to find out more!

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