Creative Money-Making Ideas for Stay at Home Moms

If you’re a stay at home mom, you already know that it means that you have one of the best and most rewarding roles of your lifetime. There’s nothing like being there for your family in every way that you can be.

Your role might mean taking care of the home, cooking, cleaning, and ensuring everyone is healthy and happy. However, if you’re new to staying home after having lived your adult life earning an income and working in some form, it can feel a little alien to take a back seat and focus on something entirely different. 

Being a stay at home mom does take up a lot of time, but there are still ways you can make money if you choose to. These creative money-making ideas for moms give you a chance to make money in your spare time. Plus, these are things that you can consider doing that will help you to feel that you are contributing without the worry that you have to start juggling childcare.

Not every way to make money from home has to feel like “work.” I’ve talked elsewhere about the best jobs for moms, but sometimes you might want to take a more creative approach to making money. Get started today with one of these creative job ideas for stay at home moms.

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1) Start a Blog

If you’d like to make some extra money on the side but don’t need to start earning right away, one of the first things you could consider would be to start a blog.

Your blog could be about anything that you are passionate about or that you have knowledge of.

Many moms create a blog about parenting and lifestyle, as they can share posts and draw from their own experience. Most parents can relate to other people going through similar experiences or are seeking tips, hacks, and advice for specific stages of motherhood.

However, you don’t have to do that. You could create a blog on any subject, and as long as you were able to create content for it consistently, you could earn a living.

A blog won’t make you money overnight, but after a bit of time and continuity, you could create content for others, share advertisements and links, and get paid to write about the thing you are passionate about.

Many people who have started a blog as a hobby or as an outlet have gone on to turn them into fully-fledged businesses (read my interview with a mom who makes six-figures blogging here).

There’s lots to say about building a money-making blog, so if you are interested in learning more about this work from home job I can only point you in the direction of someone who I consider an expert. Suzi Whitford at Start a Mom Blog has all the tools and resources you need to help you get started.

You can learn more about Suzi and what she has to offer here.

2) Create an Instagram Account and Grow Your Following

If you like the idea of a blog but unsure where to start, you could simply use social media instead and microblog.

Instagram is one of the most common platforms to use for this, but you could consider other options.

Instagram allows you to share pictures and video content and gives you the space to caption. Building up your audience is one of the hardest things to do, but you may find that businesses and brands want you to advertise their products and services once you have an engaged following.

In turn, this could start to make you some money as you can charge for the content you create. 

This isn’t the easiest way to make money online, and like blogging you shouldn’t do this if you need money right away. But, if you’re successful the earning potential is huge.

This idea is fun and creative, and rarely feels like actual work. If you’re already an avid social media user, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t try this method of making money.

3) Sell Handmade Items

If you’re crafty or have a good sense of design, it can be really fun to make products to sell online. Platforms like Etsy and Shopify are a good place to start, or you could even start your own website and sell products right from there.

Not sure what to make and sell? The sky’s the limit when it comes to handmade items that people will buy. Things like handmade jewelry, candles, and decorative items are always top sellers. If you need other ideas, just head to Etsy and look at what is selling.

Selling handmade items is ideal for a stay at home mom, because it’s a great way to really get your creative juices flowing. Plus, it’s easy to make things while your kids are playing in the same room, so this job doesn’t often interfere with your duties as a stay at home mom.

4) Turn a Hobby into a Small Business 

Do you have a hobby that you love? Perhaps it is baking epic cakes, creating beautiful knitted creations, or painting masterpieces. Whatever your hobby is, could you turn that into a small business?

You may already be doing the work, so instead of enjoying your creations just for yourself, you could sell them to friends and family. This could move forward into selling online, creating, and using social media to extend your reach.

The business can get as big as you want it to, but it could be a great way to earn an extra income doing something you love.

A great benefit of this small business is that you will run it from home, so you don’t have to worry about the childcare or the added expense as it can likely work around you and your schedule.

This can then give you greater flexibility to expand and give you the option of outsourcing some aspects of the business or using freelancers. 

5) Make Money Flipping Clothes and Household Items

There are lots of people out there who make a full time income simply by selling common household items.

This is very easy to begin – just start by cleaning out your closets! There are many online consignment shops and places like eBay where you can sell your old clothes, as long as they’re in good shape.

After this, you can go through things you no longer need. Items like sporting goods, baby gear, and exercise equipment are always in high demand, and you can often get a very good price on these types of things.

Once you are bringing in an income, it’s time to let your creativity shine. Start scouring thrift stores and yard sales for furniture or other things you can flip.

Often, with a little elbow grease and a can of paint, you can transform an old, tired piece of furniture into a piece that would look right at home in even the most expensive house. It’s then easy to flip, or sell these items for much more than the original purchase price.

This is really one of the most fun and creative ways that you can make money.

6) Sell Printables

Printables are fun to create, they really give you the freedom to express your creativity, and they’re always in high demand.

If you aren’t familiar, printables are simply things that people can print out at home. Things like calendars, planners, charts, and coloring pages are some of the top forms of printables, but you can also design something that can be framed and hung in a family home.

Printables can be sold on a number of online platforms, or you can set up shop on your own blog and begin selling them this way.

7) Provide Voice Over Work from Home

Do you love to read aloud to your kids? Are you great at mimicking people, or giving different voices to characters?

If so, you can work from home as a voice over artist.

This kind of job is so fun to do from home. Like many of the other ways to make money here, it’s something you can do completely in your spare time, and you don’t have to worry about outside childcare.

Plus, it’s a great way to let your creative juices shine.

There’s a lot more need for voice-over artists than you probably realize. For instance, voice-over work is needed for audiobooks, promotional videos, commercials, and more.

To learn more about how voice over work from home actually works, check out my voice over article here.

8) Design and Sell Custom T-Shirts

Designing and selling t-shirts with cool slogans or trendy designs is a lot easier than you probably think. In fact, you can do this completely online without ever touching the merchandise.

This is done through Teespring. You upload your design and then they do the rest! It costs you nothing upfront, so you really have nothing to lose. It’s probably best to set up some sort of marketing plan in order to get your designs in front of people, but other than

9) Treat the Family Finances Like a Set of Business Accounts

Another great way to add to the family income is to scrutinize your expenses and make possible savings where possible. This is when you could treat the family finances as if you were looking after a set of business accounts.

You have control over everything from your mortgage payment down to the food you buy each week. While you can’t swap and change your mortgage deal regularly, you can research to ensure that you get the best possible deal when the time comes.

Believe it or not, this is something that can really impact your income. I just refinanced my family’s mortgage and we saved $300 a month, something that I didn’t even think was possible!

Sure, you may not have control over your living expenses, but look at things you can control weekly and monthly. Ideas include the food shopping bill, energy costs, and insurance renewals. Make a note when these things are due to be changed so that you can seek out the best deals.

When it comes to food shopping, look at where you shop, write a list of only what you need, and a meal plan. What you spend each week and month can vary if you are always looking for the subsequent saving and deal to take advantage of.

In a roundabout way, it can be your way of contributing to the family income simply by increasing the disposable income you have each month. 

Final Thoughts on These Money-Making Ideas

Staying home with your kids doesn’t mean you need to give up all hope of earning an income. It also doesn’t mean you need to squash your creative aspirations.

In fact, as this list shows, it’s very possible to use your creativity to contribute to the family income.

Some of these options will take more work than others, but let’s hope you have found a little inspiration in one of the suggestions that could help you add to the family income in the future. 

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