Get Paid to Take Pictures: 15 Easy Ways to Make Money With Your Photos

Do you like looking at the world through the lens of a camera? Are you always reaching for your phone to capture the moment?

If the answer is YES, you could be making extra money with very little effort.

Whether you own an expensive camera or simply love snapping pics with your smartphone, it’s easy and fun to document the world around you through pictures.

While you probably regularly take photos as a hobby, you can actually get paid to take pictures. If you know where to look, you’ll find brands and businesses willing to pay you for the everyday photos you regularly snap.

Read on to learn all the ways you can get paid to take pictures.

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How to Make Money Taking Pictures

Whether you want to make a living with a home based photography business or simply make some extra cash as you clear out your phone’s photos, there are plenty of ways you can get paid to take pictures. Here are some of the most popular options.

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Sell Your Photos to Stock Photography Sites

Stock photos are professional-quality photos that are sold royalty-free and are often used for commercial purposes. You can sell the same stock photo again and again. Stock photos are generally those of people, places, objects, and landscapes.

Sell your pictures on one of these popular stock photo sites:

  • ShutterstockShutterstock has an easy-to-use platform where you can submit your high-quality images and videos. Every time your content is downloaded, you get paid. Earnings vary depending on the type of image downloaded and your lifetime earnings on the site.
  • iStock / Getty ImagesGetty Images and its corresponding iStock Photos site is an application-only stock photo service. In order to qualify as a contributor, you’ll have to submit several sample images to ensure they’re on-par with the quality of the brand. Like Shutterstock, you’ll receive a royalty every time someone downloads one of your photos.
  • DepositPhotos DepositPhotos also requires a brief application in order to qualify as a contributor. All contributions will be checked by inspectors before they’re available to buyers on the DepositPhotos website. Once you’re approved, you can use the Clashot smartphone app to easily submit your photos.
  • Visual SocietyVisual Society is an online marketplace that allows you to sell your photos for commercial use. Unlike other stock photo sites, this allows you, the photographer, to set your own price and then keep 100% of the proceeds. While the other stock sites will typically only pay a small percentage for your photos, this is one way to have complete control over how much you make with each photograph.

Sell Your Photos Using an App

Selling your pictures isn’t complicated if you have a smartphone. Download one of the following money-making smartphone apps and start earning today:  

Foap – Download the Foap app and you’ll be able to upload your favorite shots and videos. Every time a brand or agency wants to use your photo, you’ll receive a 50% commission off the purchase price.

Pay Your Selfie – Pay Your Selfie is an app that connects you with brands who want your image. You’ll get paid small amounts for completing challenges, which often involve taking pictures of yourself doing different things.

Instaprints – Love Instagram? Get paid for your Instagram photos on Instaprints. While this platform is best known as a place where you can purchase beautiful creations with your own photos, it’s also a platform for selling those pictures to others.

Snapped4U Snapped4U is a platform that allows you to sell photos of events, including portrait photoshoots. If you attend a popular event, create and upload a gallery of all your photos. You can also set your own price for the photos. If any are purchased, you’ll receive the proceeds.

There is a one-time registration fee of $10 for signing up to add photos to the site. Snapped4U does retain a commission on each photo that sells.

Jobs for More Advanced Photographers

If you have a good eye for photography, you’re probably looking for something a little more lucrative than snapping selfies all day. We’ve got you covered. Show off your photog skills and make money with you pictures in one of these ways.

Offer Photo Shoots for Friends and Family

If you want to make a little more money for selling your pictures, or you’re interested in creating your own photography business but aren’t ready to go pro quite yet, consider turning to your friends and family first.

Offering photo shoots for friends and family is a really good way to build up your portfolio before making your services available to the wider public.

While it’s tempting to want to offer these shoots for free, don’t work for nothing. You can offer great discounts (and top-notch service) while you still make some money and use this as a stepping stone for building your business.

Work as a Freelance Photographer

Photography is a great field for moms who want to work from home, because it puts you totally in control of your schedule. Whether you want to offer family portrait packages on the weekends or shoot a wedding every couple of months, the choice is up to you.

Work as a Real Estate Photographer

Real Estate photography is a bona-fide side hustle, but if you’re looking to get paid to take pictures, it’s always in demand.

This job isn’t just about photographing empty rooms and houses. You’ll need to have a clear eye for what makes a good shot, as well as some design sense, capturing the essence of a home in such a way that it appeals to prospective buyers.

This type of photography doesn’t require a lot of fancy and expensive equipment, but you will need to have a good tripod and a wide-angle lens. You should also be proficient in image editing software like Adobe Lightroom or Photomatix Pro.

Sell Your Photos as Art

If you take beautiful pictures, chances are people will want to pay good money for those photos. There are lots of places you can sell your prints online, most of which are a step up from the regular stock photography sites.

How to Get Paid to Take Pictures if You Have No Photography Skills

I’ll be the first to admit it – I’m a terrible photographer. I don’t have the magical touch that so many gifted photogs do when it comes to taking pictures (my family can attest to this). If you’re like me, you can still make money with your pictures! Seriously! As long as you have access to a camera, get paid one of these “outside-the-box” ways:

Take Pictures of Receipts

You don’t have to snap pics of people to earn money. Get paid for shopping and taking pictures of your receipt with following smartphone apps:

Ibotta – Download the Ibotta app and find coupons and special offers for all your favorite products. After you shop, take a picture of your receipt and get rewarded for qualifying purchases.

Fetch Rewards – Fetch Rewards is another grocery reward app. Similar to Ibotta, you take a picture of your receipt after shopping and earn rewards for any qualifying purchases.

Take Pictures of Books

If you’ve ever seen old books at a yard sale or secondhand shop and wondered if they had any value, you don’t need to guess any longer. Use the Bookscouter app to take pictures of these books, and find out instantly if they have any worth. If you find a book worth any money, Bookscouter can also connect you with a buyer for your find.

Final Thoughts

There are many ways to get paid to take pictures. Whether you want to make a few extra dollars snapping pics with your smartphone, or you want to go all-out with photography and make it a full-time business for you, the possibilities are endless.

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