How to Sell Old Clothes for Money: 9 Money-Making Sites

Are you a clothes hoarder ? You aren’t alone!

So many people have the habit of keeping clothes. It might be that there is a sentimental attachment to something, an item of clothing you are hoping to fit into, or you just happen to be one of those people that has an outfit for every occasion, season, and decade.

Do any of these sound familiar?

If this is the case, and you find that you can’t even open a closet for fear of all the clothes you have stuffed inside, then I have a solution for you. You can sell those old clothes for money. After all, isn’t it better to have extra cash in your wallet than a bureau drawer you can’t open?

If you want to sell your old clothes for money, you first need to purge your excess and sort to find the most valuable items. Clothes that are in like-new or good condition without tears, rips, or stains will sell the best. Then, head to one of the top online selling platforms to list and sell your clothes.

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Top Tips for Selling Clothes Online

If you’re at the beginning of your clothes selling journey, it can be overwhelming to know where to start.

There a few different selling platforms you can utilize, and below we have shared some of the common and easiest apps and websites you can use.

First, though, here are some tips when it comes to selling clothes online. 

  • Always photograph each item in natural and bright light.
  • Take as many photos as possible, including the label and any marks there might be. 
  • Describe the item in full detail. Nothing is too trivial when it comes to more information. 
  • Research the price before you list. A great tip is to search out similar items for sale or look at sold listings if that is possible. 
  • Make sure you charge the correct postage.
  • Be realistic with your time frame from sale to delivery to manage expectations. 

Top Platforms for Selling Clothes Online 

There are lots of options when it comes to selling clothes online, but you might have the best success if you start out with one of these more established platforms.

1. eBay

One of the most popular selling platforms that has been around for years is eBay.

It is one of the most accessible platforms to sell on, and you can use the smartphone application or the desktop website to list your items.

You can take up to 12 photos, search out sold items so you can price yours realistically, and even write a lengthy description so that you can include all the details.

The one thing to remember with eBay is that you may get a free listing, but you have to pay a percentage of the sold price when it sells, and also, you might want to consider Paypal fees as well. 

2. Instagram

It may seem hard to believe (at least it was for me), but Instagram is now a popular platform to sell unwanted items.

This can be especially fruitful if you already have a big following on a personal or brand account. Having a preloved handle to sell clothes can be a great way to utilize the free application.

Take up to 10 pictures per post, write a decent caption including the price and postage costs, and ask people to comment with the Paypal email so that you can invoice them the total.

It is as simple as that. and the only fees you are likely to run into will be Paypal, which may make this cheaper than one of the other online selling platforms that usually take a cut.

Still, though, you have to take some time in order to establish yourself on the platform before you will really see this start to work.

3. Vinted 

Vinted is another free smartphone application that can specifically sell your unwanted things.

As a seller, you can list your item for free as the buyer pays the fee.

The difference with this application is that you are paid when the buyer confirms they have received the item and are happy with it. So it might be a few days wait before you can cash in your earnings.

However, the listing is easy to create and quick, so you could have a fair few listings done in a matter of minutes. 

4. Depop

Depop is slightly different again but is a great selling platform to consider if you have many things to sell or feel you will have items more consistently.

You will need to set up a shop and then take pictures of the items you want to list. Depop is an excellent platform if you have a similar aesthetic of items to sell, such as designer labels or a particular style.

Once your item is sold, Depop will charge a 10% fee of the total selling price. They will take the fees monthly via Paypal or your card listed for payments. You will also need to think about Paypal fees as this is the only way to receive money for your sales. 

5. Asos Marketplace

If you have vintage items or quirky clothing to sell, Asos Marketplace is a platform you definitely want to check out.

Selling on the Asos marketplace is slightly different from some of the other platforms mentioned above. This is because you will need to set up a business Paypal account.

You then need to apply to become a boutique with the platform. Once your application is accepted, you can go about creating your boutique.

Unlike some of the other platforms, there is a monthly subscription fee to sell on there. 

6. Poshmark

Poshmark is rapidly becoming one of the top sites for selling old clothes, especially for name-brand and designer items.

This platform almost has a sort of social media feel to it, since you can connect and share with other shoppers, and even attend virtual shopping parties.

Listing items on Poshmark is super simple to do. Just snap a few pictures on your phone and upload them onto the platform. Set your listing price and your items are for sale.

Poshmark makes shipping your sold items very easy, which is a huge bonus. When an item sells, you’ll get a prepaid shipping label in your email. Just print the label, put it on a USPS Priority Mail box (you can get these for free at the post office), and stick it in the mail.

7. Mercari

Clothes are just one of the many types of items you can buy and sell on the Mercari platform.

If you sell on Mercari, your items must be available to be shipped – no in-person meetups are allowed. If you’re selling old clothes, this generally isn’t a problem, since those are easy to package up and stick in the mail.

All payments are handled right through the Mercari platform. Mercari charges a flat 10 percent fee for each sale.

8. ThredUP

If you’re looking to do a big declutter and aren’t concerned about getting top dollar for your items, you may appreciate how ThredUP works.

When you’re ready to sell on ThreadUP, you can request a cleanout bag, which will be sent to you in the mail. This bag is huge, sturdy, and can fit a lot of clothes.

Fill your bag with all the old clothes you are looking to sell. ThredUP primarily deals with children’s clothing, but they will also take women’s clothes in good condition. Once your bag is ready to go, arrange for free pickup right from your front doorstep with the post office (all shipping is paid by ThredUp).

ThredUp is good to use if you’re looking to do a big closet cleanout and you’d rather avoid the hassle of listing all of your items individually. However, you have to know that the platform won’t accept all of your items, nor is it the best platform to use if you really want to make the most money. Those that they do accept will be sold on their consignment site for a price they pre-determine.

Simply put, if you’re looking to make some extra cash while using a method that is fast, easy, and convenient, this is the choice for you.

9. Facebook

Finally, Facebook is another social media platform to sell your old clothes.

There are two ways you can sell on Facebook. You could use your profile and share your items with friends who could share with others.

Or you can use the Facebook Marketplace option.

There are no listing fees to share on Facebook, and you can also utilize local areas if you would rather your items picked up than having to deal with postage.

However, while it is free and straightforward to use, there is the hassle of arranging for dropoff and/or pickup of the clothes. This always comes with a few risks, so you need to be mindful of that.

There is also the possibility that you can spend a lot of time on the platform, or have to deal with people wasting your time or giving you the runaround.

Still, Facebook is a great option and one that many people use. The fact that you don’t have to shop anything and there is no worry about third-party processing fees is a great benefit.

What to Do With Old Clothes That Don’t Sell

The best way to have success with selling your old clothes for money is to list them on several different platforms.

You will get familiar with these platforms after using them over time, and you will likely start to see a pattern on which types of clothes sell best to that platform’s audience.

Still, even after diversifying your selling platforms, you’ll likely end up with old clothes that don’t sell. At that point, I like to donate these to a local charity that could use them.

In general, I tend to skip the thrift stores that resell items you donate. It feels better to give these clothes to an organization that will put them to good use, rather than a business that will profit off of my donation.

If you can’t find a local charity that takes donations, consider finding a national organization, like Planet Aid or the Salvation Army.

Final Thoughts on Selling Old Clothes for Extra Money

Just because the clothes you have are no longer loved or needed by you doesn’t mean that they won’t get extra use by somebody else.

The most challenging items to get rid of will be the ones that have sentimental attachment or even the clothes you are hoping to fit back into one day.

But don’t let that hold you back. Not only will you free up some space in your home, but selling your clothes online could help add to the disposable income you have, which could then be used to go on vacation or perhaps for some new items of clothing you might need.

Let’s hope sharing these platforms with you will help you sell your unwanted clothes. 

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