Must-Have Virtual Assistant Resources: Tools to Grow Your VA Business

Working from home as a virtual assistant is an exciting career step. Not only does this job give you all the freedom and flexibility of working as your own boss, but you also have an unlimited earning potential.

Whether you’re just getting started or are already a seasoned pro, the right virtual assistant resources can help firmly establish your business while making your work systems and processes run more smoothly and efficiently.

Use these virtual assistant resources to help bring your business to the next level.

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Best Virtual Assistant Courses

The right training and education go a long way in increasing the chances that you’re successful as a virtual assistant. After all, you wouldn’t set up shop as an electrician or a plumber without training, so why would you try to work as a VA without a little education?

Beginner Course: The Virtual Savvy

I recommend the Virtual Savvy as the top virtual assistant course because it is so comprehensive and it’s taught by a woman who really knows her stuff.

Course creator Abbey Ashley was desperate to stay home with her young children, and she decided to give working as a virtual assistant a shot. Within months, she had built herself a six-figure business, and she teaches her students how to do the same. Learn more about this course in my Virtual Savvy review.

Advanced Training: Savvy Vault

As a virtual assistant, you want to utilize all the latest technology available in order to help you best serve your clients. Still, it can be difficult and time-consuming for you to keep up with learning everything. That’s where the Savvy Vault comes in.

The Savvy Vault is a collection of trainings offered by experienced VAs to help you learn the tech and tools you need to know to bring your business to the next level.

Check out what the Savvy Vault can offer you here.

Best Virtual Assistant Tools and Software

There are a lot of resources available online to help you streamline your processes and organize your business. Here are some of my favorites:


If your work involves managing social media accounts, you’ll want to use Buffer. This tool makes it easy for you to plan and schedule posts to schedule social media posts ahead of time.


If you need to manage teams or stay organized, Slack will be your best friend. Whether you’re working with others on your own team, or you need a way to stay in communication with your client, Slack is a great way to do this.


Another way to keep your business organized is through Trello. Trello boards help you list out what you need to do for each client, or allow you to manage multiple projects at once. It’s a modern-day solution to the hundreds of post-it-notes you might otherwise have cluttering your workspace.


You don’t need any fancy Microsoft software to get things done. Instead, stay organized with all of the free apps in the Google platform. Use Google drive to store all your files, Google Docs to write important documents, and Google Sheets to make spreadsheets.

Google is great because you can easily share files and documents with others, and you can download all the apps on your phone so that you can easily access things on the go. And best of all – it’s free!

Best Virtual Assistant Associations and Organizations

There is a wealth of information to be found when you join one of these virtual assistant associations. These are also a great place to network and make connections with other professionals in the field.

Virtual Assistant Articles to Help You Grow Your Business

There is a lot of information to help you set up and grow your VA business. These virtual assistant articles pinpoint some of the most common questions, tips, and tricks.

If you’re interested in starting to work as a virtual assistant but have no idea where to begin, this helpful guide walks you through all the steps.

One of the best things about working from home as a virtual assistant is that you are able to only do those services and tasks that you are most comfortable with. Learn more and get ideas about the types of things you can offer in this article.

It can be overwhelming to try and go it alone as a VA, especially if you don’t have any real experience to speak of. If you aren’t ready to branch out on your own yet, or you’d feel more comfortable working under the umbrella of a parent company, that’s totally understandable. This article highlights some of the best places online that offer virtual assistant jobs for beginners.

When you work as a virtual assistant, you’ll likely have many instances in which you’ll be asked to track your hours for your clients. This article details all the best ways to track your virtual assistant hours.

Creating a services package is the best way to scale your business and ensure you’re only doing things that you want to do. Learn the process for how to create your virtual assistant package here.

You don’t need to have experience to get work as a virtual assistant. Get started at one of these top places that offer virtual assistant jobs for beginners.

Use this guide to understand how to manage Pinterest for your clients.

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