Online Moderator Jobs: Earn Extra Income Spending Time Online

An online moderator is someone who works online representing a business or company.

The moderator typically filters comments, oversees social media profiles or forums, and ensures everyone is on-task and following guidelines.

Businesses often hire online moderators to ensure that they have a positive online persona. They want to make sure that their social media is not overrun with spam or inappropriate comments.

If you like spending time online, don’t mind dealing with disputes, and are looking for a way to earn some extra income from home, consider getting work as an online moderator.

Online moderator jobs (or social media moderators, as they’re also known) are just what they sound like. With message boards, groups, forums, chat rooms, and social media exploding, so has the need for moderators to maintain a sense of order on community platforms.

While a lot of a moderator’s job involves making sure people follow the rules and settling disputes, this isn’t everything that the job entails. Depending on the company that hires you, you may be asked to regularly post to Facebook or organize comment threads to ensure they are in the right categories.

What Kinds of Things Does an Online Moderator Do?

If you get an online moderator position, expect to be spending lots of time online. Your duties may include some or all of the following:

  • Answering emails
  • Addressing complaints
  • Providing customer service
  • Responding to comments
  • Filtering spam
  • De-escalating inflammatory situations
  • Employing latest and up-to-date social media management

While there are some companies that hire in-house online moderators, most of these positions are remote. This makes it a good job option for moms who want to make some extra money while they’re home with their kids.

How Much do Online Moderator Jobs Pay?

The amount an online moderator gets paid will vary widely on the company doing the hiring. Reports on Glassdoor show an hourly range spanning from $11 to $42 per hour.

Keep in mind that there are some companies that hire in-house moderator jobs. These typically will pay more, as the online moderator is expected to fulfill other work requirements in addition to moderator jobs. If you see a job advertising an unusually high hourly wage, double-check to make sure it’s actually a remote position.

Do You Need Prior Experience?

Many companies will hire online moderators with no prior experience, but this varies from place to place. In some cases, you may need a customer service background or experience in dealing with people.

Almost all positions will require you to be comfortable using a computer and familiar with all the popular social media platforms.

Where Do You Find Online Moderator Jobs?

While this could be the type of freelance position you’d offer where you go out and find your own clients, most online moderators work on a contractor basis for a third-party company.

That company works to secure big brands and businesses as clients. They then hire remote contractors like you to perform moderation services.

Alternatively, you may find some companies that hire their own remote workers for online moderator jobs. In this case, you’d still be working as an independent contractor, but you may stand to make more per hour as there is no third-party overhead to take a percentage of your pay.

You’ll find some of these companies in the list below, but you may also come across positions on general job search boards like or

Look for online moderator jobs at some of the following companies:

The Social Element

The Social Element hires Community Manager positions to perform moderator work. If you’re bilingual or multilingual, you’ll have a better chance of getting hired with this company, as it services countries around the world.

In order to qualify for a position, you must have experience using all the major social media platforms, be up-to-date with social media trends, and display sound judgment when posting on behalf of clients.


As an online moderator for ModSquad (or a Mod, as they like to refer to their workers), you’ll have the flexibility to work on your own time.

If you’re looking for a company that encourages side hustlers or understands what it’s like to juggle a busy schedule, this is a good option. ModSquad works with many high-profile brands, so you may get the chance to provide social media moderation for a company you already know and love.

Crisp Thinking

Crisp Thinking is a London-based agency that works to detect and combat harmful stuff online. They will occasionally post work from home content moderator positions.

Live World

Live World hires Social Media Agents to provide online moderator work from home. This is an hourly, part-time position, but you do need to be available to work some nights, weekends, or holidays. The company does prefer candidates who have at least 2-3 years of prior online moderation or customer service experience.


Yelp occasionally hires remote members of its content moderation team to evaluate user reviews and business photos to ensure all listings are legitimate and meet company guidelines. Unlike job opportunities elsewhere, this is not a contractor position. Instead, you’ll work as an employee of Yelp and receive a full benefits package.

This may mean you’ll be required to work full-time, which can be tricky for moms with kids, so look into it more before deciding if this is the best choice for you.


ICUC offers a variety of social media management services, including content moderation. Some of their positions are in-house, while others offer the chance to work from home whenever you want (which might be always!).

A Final Note About Online Moderation Jobs

Because they are generally flexible and easy to do, online moderator jobs are often in high demand. If you can’t find one right away, keep looking.

Regularly subscribing to job boards is a great way to get informed when a job pops up online.

If you want to offer content moderation in addition to other services, this could be a good job service to offer as part of a virtual assistant package.

As a virtual assistant, you could offer moderation and other social media management services, without waiting around for a job to open up.

Read More about virtual assistant services you can offer from home.

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