The Best Online Tutoring Jobs From Home: 10 Companies That Will Pay You to Teach From Your Computer

If you love working with people, you don’t have to give that up just so that you can work from home. There are plenty of work from home jobs that let you put your people skills to good use, like online tutoring.

Online tutoring jobs from home are a great option if you’re a teacher but want to take a few years off to stay home while your kids are young. They are also appealing to anyone who likes helping others work through problems or figure out how to do something.

While tutoring benefits the student, it also offers valuable benefits to the tutor. As a tutor, you’ll keep your skills sharp and get to interact with a wide variety of people, even while you’re sitting at home. You’ll also have a positive impact on students across the globe.

In most cases, tutoring jobs offer flexible, yet steady hours. You’ll get paid an hourly wage and can expect regular work from week to week.

Many times you will be expected to have prior teaching experience, but this isn’t always as involved as you may think.

For example, some online tutoring companies consider things like coaching basketball or volunteering at your kid’s summer camp as a form of teaching. You may even qualify if you’ve babysat other people’s kids.

This stipulation varies from company to company, so be sure to closely look at exactly what a company is looking for in terms of prior experience before you decide to apply.

Tips for Success as an Online Tutor

If you want to work as an online tutor from home, there are things you can do to increase your chances of success. Follow these tips to make the most of this work from home job:

  • Be ready to work odd hours  – If you want to be an online English tutor, be prepared for unusual hours. Many of these companies connect you with students in Asia, which means you need to work when they’re available. This might mean you need to wake up a 5am to squeeze in a tutoring session before your kids wake up. The more flexible you can be with scheduling, the more money you’ll be able to make.
  • Treat the hiring process seriously – Online tutoring companies want to hire the best of the best, which means you need to come prepared for your interview. Read all instructions thoroughly and make sure you schedule your interview as soon as you’re able. Since these are online jobs, the competition is steeper than it would be if you were applying for a job someplace locally. Keep that in mind and put your best foot forward from the start.
  • Use props to make things fun – The more you can do to make tutoring fun, the higher you’ll rank with both your tutoring company and your students.
  • Just apply – Worried that you aren’t qualified enough for the position? Just apply anyway! If you don’t take a chance and apply, you’ll never have success with this work from home job.

Ready to make some money? Here are some of the best online tutoring jobs from home.

Tutor English Online

Tutoring English online is one of the most popular online teaching positions. Many – but not all – of these companies partner with schools in Asia. As an English tutor, you’ll work with children or adults from all over the globe, helping them become more fluent in English.

The work is not only rewarding, but it’s also a fun way to interact with people from other countries you’d never be able to meet otherwise!

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1 – VIPKid

Vipkid Online Tutoring

About VIPKid

If you want to teach English with a top-rated, cutting-edge company, you’ll want to check out VIPKid. This company hires tutors to teach English to children in China who are between the ages of 4-12. The English-immersion classes use many props and interactive tools to make the process as fun as possible.

Requirements for working with VIPKid

In order to work for VIPKid, you must have a Bachelor’s degree. According to the company’s website, you can work from almost anywhere, but unfortunately, they are not currently hiring teachers who are based in California.

Once you’re hired, you sign up for a 6-month commitment. However, during that time you can work as much or as little as you’d like.

VIPKid Pay

According to the VIPKid site, the average pay is $22 per hour. For each 25-minute class, you’ll receive $7 to $9. On top of this, bonuses and incentives are available. Pay may vary depending on your prior experience and the hours you’re available to work.


VIPKid gets a high rating from Glassdoor, and it’s ranked as one of their Ten Best Places to Work. The company is well-liked by most of its employees. They offer regular bonuses for a variety of things.


The hiring and interview process is very demanding, and only a small percentage of applicants actually get hired. There are coaches available who can assist you through the hiring process and increase your chances of success.

2 – Magic Ears

About Magic Ears

Based in Beijing, Magic Ears is a company that hires tutors to teach English to Chinese students ages 4 to 12. As a tutor, you’ll work with a maximum of four students at a time, teaching online with an interactive platform. Magic Ears tries really hard to make the learning experience fun for both the students and its teachers.

Requirements for working with Magic Ears

In order to work for Magic Ears, you must have a Bachelor’s degree, but the website does state that current college students are also accepted. You must have prior teaching experience and be either American or Canadian, however, it doesn’t explicitly state that you must be residing in the county in order to qualify.

Once you get hired, you’ll be placed on a 6-month contract.

Magic Ears Pay

Magic Ears offers three payment tiers. You’ll be placed into one of these tiers based on your qualifications and any prior teaching experience. Overall, the average pay ranges from $18 to $26 per hour. Bonuses are also available. Payment is sent via either PayPal or direct deposit on the 10th of each month.


Reviews on Glassdoor are very favorable for Magic Ears. It seems that many teachers really enjoy this online tutoring company. The work is flexible and the company cares about its employees. They also offer a good training program.


One of the biggest downsides of working with Magic Ears is that you have to be up early to get your work done, due to significant time differences. For many moms with young kids, this actually works out to be an advantage, since this isn’t a job you can do while your kids are hanging out in the background.

3 – EF Teach Online

EF Teach Online Tutoring Job

About EF Teach Online

EF Teach Online is a blended learning program, which means that all of its online students also take lessons at one of the program’s physical locations in China. As an online teacher, you’ll work one-on-one with a young student age 5 to 10.

You’ll be given the material you need to teach, but the method in which you present the lesson is entirely up to you – no props or backgrounds are required. When you teach with this company, you’re free to use your own teaching methods.

Requirements for working with EF Teach Online

The biggest requirement in working for EF Teach Online is that you must have a minimum 40 hour TEFL Certificate. If you don’t have this, I recommend heading to Groupon – you’ll often find discounts available for online courses. Additionally, you must be living and authorized to work in the United States, and have a Bachelor’s degree.

EF Teach Online Pay

The base rate of pay is $13.20, but there are regular bonuses available. For example, you’ll make more money if you teach during peak hours, teach at least 45 classes in a month, and don’t cancel any classes within 24 hours of the start time during that month.


While you’re working with Chinese students, EF Teach Online is based in the United States as opposed to China. This means you may get a quicker or better response from customer service if you have any issues.


I haven’t been able to find any negative reviews about this company, but it does appear to pay a little less than some of its competitors.

4 – Cambly Tutors

Cambly Online Tutoring Jobs

About Cambly

Cambly connects English-speaking tutors with adults across the globe who want to perfect their English skills. There are no lessons and no set schedules.

As a tutor, you simply sign in when you’re available and help anyone online who wants to speak better English. The lessons are very informal, and you’ll find yourself simply chatting with people around the world.

Requirements for working with Cambly

Because it’s an informal tutoring platform, I couldn’t find any tutor requirements other than that you do need to be a native English speaker.

Cambly Pay

Cambly tracks the time that you spend chatting with your students and pays you $0.17 per minute. This translates to $10.20 per hour. Payments are made via PayPal every Monday.


You don’t need to have any prior experience to work with Cambly. There is a quick and easy interview process, and you can start working immediately after you’re hired.


The pay on Cambly is much lower than other online tutoring platforms. Still, it’s a great beginner job if you don’t have prior online teaching experience.

Academic Online Tutoring Jobs From Home

Teaching English online is far from the only kind of online tutoring you’ll find. Academic tutoring jobs are also in very high demand. With these positions, you’ll usually find yourself tutoring middle school students all the way up to those in college.

Many parents turn to online academic tutors when they don’t have the means or capacity to squeeze in a regular in-person visit with a tutor in their area. Get started as an academic tutor with one of these top companies.

5 – Chegg Tutors

chegg online tutoring jobs

About Chegg

Chegg Tutors hires online tutors to teach in just about any subject or topic. Students start at middle school age and go all the way up to professionals looking to hone their skills. When you sign up with the platform you can select which topics you want to teach and then Chegg will send students your way as they’re available.  

Requirements for working with Chegg

In order to tutor with Chegg, you need a Bachelor’s degree or proof of current University enrollment. Depending on the subject area, you may need to take a test to confirm your proficiency in a certain subject or field of study.

Chegg Pay

Pay varies depending on what subjects you’re teaching, your experience level, and the times when you’re available. Chegg advertises an hourly rate of $20 per hour.


Reviewers love the ability to pick your own hours and the quick payment to PayPal.


If you tutor with Chegg, you might find that there isn’t a lot of work available. Unlike other platforms, work isn’t consistent so you might be competing with a lot of other qualified tutors for available students.

6 – Preply

online tutoring jobs from home

About Preply

Preply connects tutors with students who want to master any of 55 subjects, including languages, hobbies, and art. You can apply for different tutoring jobs right on the Preply platform and even set your own hourly rate.

If you find students local to you, you can choose to give in-person as well as online lessons.

Requirements for working with Preply

In order to work through Preply, you need to complete an application process. You don’t need to have a teaching certificate, but it is recommended that you do have some teaching experience.

If you pass the application process, you’ll set up a profile and get your own customized website. You can then apply to available jobs. It’s up to the student to choose the tutor they want.

Preply Pay

When you tutor with Preply, you set your own hourly rate. According to Preply’s website, the company’s most popular tutors earn up to $550 per week.

Preply takes a 100% commission fee on the first lesson with every new student, and a commission fee on a sliding scale after that.


Preply has a lot of positive feedback from reviewers on Glassdoor. Users love that you can set your own income, choose the levels you want to teach, and have access to the money in your account at any time.


One complaint I saw several times relates to Preply’s high commission fee for the first lesson. Essentially, you’re working for free every time you start with a new student. To minimize this, make sure to keep that trial lesson to 30 minutes, not a full hour.

7 – Wyzant

wyzant tutoring jobs

About Wyzant

Wyzant is a tutoring platform that connects students with professionals in all subject areas. As a tutor with Wyzant, you’ll create an online profile that highlights your credentials and expertise. Students are then free to hire the tutor they prefer.

Requirements for teaching with Wyzant

When you create a profile with Wyzant, you can select the subjects you feel comfortable tutoring. Depending on what these subjects are, you may be asked to take a proficiency quiz or submit written proof of your qualifications.

Wyzant Pay

Because each tutor sets his or her own hourly rate, the pay on Wyzant varies. Wyzant retains 25% of your hourly rate for each tutoring job you complete, which means you should set your rates knowing that you’ll receive 75% of that amount for each job.


Wyzant’s platform is user-friendly and, as long as you’re qualified, you can get set up as a tutor with little difficulty. You’re also free to work whenever you want, and aren’t restricted by certain schedules or learning platforms.


Getting work seems to be a little difficult, especially when you’re a new tutor. It can be difficult even for seasoned professionals to compete with the wide number of tutors available on Wyzant’s platform.

8 – online tutoring jobs from home

About pairs students ranging in ages Kindergarten through adult learners with teachers, professors, and other industry professionals. As a tutor, you can log onto the online platform and pick up jobs whenever you’re available.

Requirements for working with

In order to work for, you must first complete an application and pass a subject exam. You’ll then need to complete a mock tutoring session before you’re hired. currently accepts applicants from anywhere in the United States except New Mexico. Pay

Reviewers state that pay starts out between $10 to $13 per hour, but there are increases based on experience and time on the job.


Reviewers find to be a fair company with lots of regular work available.


Some users on complained that tutoring sessions were never long enough for a student to really make progress. There was also the complaint that jobs were slow over the summer or holidays, which is likely true for most tutoring positions.

9 TutorMe

About TutorMe

TutorMe connects students with online teachers, offering tutoring for more than 300 subjects. You can tutor from anywhere in the world as long as you have an internet connection, and are free to work on a flexible schedule whenever you have availability.

Requirements for working with TutorMe

TutorMe only hires tutors who have prior teaching experience and who are enrolled in or have graduated from an accredited university.

If you get hired, you will need to verify your account through Facebook, which is a little unusual. According to TutorMe, this is done to verify its tutors’ identities.

TutorMe Pay

TutorMe advertises pay of at least $16 per hour, plus bonuses.


This company offers its tutors a powerful interactive platform and many learning tools, including a virtual whiteboard, screen sharing, and more. Work is flexible, and you don’t need to commit to certain hours each week.


TutorMe boasts a tutor acceptance rate of only 4%. This means there’s stiff competition when it comes to getting a job with this company.

10 Revolution Prep

About Revolution Prep

If you’re an experienced tutor looking for a work at home position that reflects your professional experience, check out Revolution Prep. This is a test-prep tutoring company, so you’ll be focused on helping students prepare for major exams like the SAT or ACT.

Unlike other online tutoring jobs from home, Revolution Prep only hires full-time employees. This means that it isn’t a good side hustle job for moms, but may be a fit if you’re able to work in a full-time capacity.

Requirements for working with Revolution Prep

Many of Revolution Prep’s tutors score in the top 10% of their respective subjects. While you definitely need to have attended an accredited university to get hired, they also prefer those tutors who have attended one of the country’s top universities.

Revolution Prep Pay

As a full-time employee with Revolution Prep, you’ll receive good pay and benefits. According to some reviews, the pay averages at around $25 to $20 per hour.


If you’re able to snag a job with Revolution Prep, you’ll have the benefit of a full-time position with regular pay and benefits, right from the comfort of your own home.


Working for this company might be difficult if you have young kids at home without childcare help, as you’ll be expected to work a full-time schedule of about 30 hours per week.

Final Thoughts on Online Tutoring Jobs From Home

Like any work from home job, tutoring from home comes with its fair share of benefits and challenges. If you have teaching experience and a knack for helping others learn, this could be a great work from home job for you.

Still, despite professional experience, it might be hard to find work at first, especially if you’re with a site that employs a large number of tutors.

The best way to be successful is to apply with several companies. Once you’ve tutored a few students, leverage that experience to help you gain more jobs.

Not so sure that online tutoring is the thing for you? There are plenty of other options. Sign up to snag my guide below and find a list of 100 jobs perfect for stay at home moms.

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