Write and Get Paid Instantly: Top Websites That Will Pay You to Write (Even if You Have No Experience)

You don’t have to be an experienced writer to make money online.

In fact, there are places that will pay you instantly for the occasional article. If you need extra cash, writing is a flexible way to earn that money here and there.

I’ve been working as a freelance writer for 10 years, and it’s allowed me to stay home and homeschool my four children without the need to send my little ones to daycare.

Furthermore, it’s given me a way to contribute financially to our household income. We would not have been able to do things like buy our first home when we did, or payoff our student loans without my freelance writing.

There are lots of places online that will pay you to write – and you don’t have to be a full-time freelance writer to earn from them.

In this article, I’ll break down the places where you can write and get paid instantly.

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The Skills You Need In Order to Write

As I said, you don’t need to be a professional writer to make some extra cash this way, but there are some basic skills you should have in order to be successful.

You need to have a good grasp of the English language, and a good use of grammar. You don’t have much chance of making money if you submit an article full of grammar or spelling mistakes. Don’t let this discourage you though.

Grammarly is a free app you can use that will check your writing as you type. It will alert you to any mistakes you might be making, and suggest how you can fix them.

 I use it all the time, and recommend it to everyone who has to write online!

Other than that, don’t worry about having any formal training. This isn’t like the academic papers or the essays you had to write in school.

In fact, many online publications prefer that you write the way you talk. Having a more conversational tone to your writing is much preferred, and will increase the chances that you’re able to get paid instantly for your writing.

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Where to Write and Get Paid Instantly

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There are a number of content providers that will pay you on a quick and regular basis if you provide content. These can vary, depending on the company.

These content providers offer a number of advantages, including:

  • You have the flexibility to work only when you’re able
  • If you’re a first-time writer, they’re an excellent way to get experience
  • You may be able to use some of the content to build up your portfolio
  • You can make cash when you need it

If you’re ready to start writing, check out some of these websites.

1. Cracked

Have something super fun to share? Cracked wants to hear from you!

This website will pay you for list-style articles. They generally like pop culture articles or anything with a humorous slant. According to the site, the only thing they ask is that you’re creative, passionate, and respectful of other writers.

Sounds like a fun way to make money!

2. Tutsplus

If you can write a tutorial on a creative or tech topic, you can get paid at Tutsplus. Some of the topics they look for include photography, illustration, web design, code, or design.

3. Instant Shift

Instant Shift pays for articles on design-related topics. There are no specific requirements if you want to write for them. You just need to have a passion for your topic.

The pay depends on the topic and quality of your writing, so that’s something you’ll negotiate after submitting the article.

4. Prepare for Canada

This site caters to a pretty narrow niche – those people who are relocating to Canada – but if you’re a transplant who now calls Canada home, this site will pay you to write.

They most especially want to hear tips or experiences from others who have already landed and settled in Canada.

They even advertise that this is a great way to get started if you want to become a freelance writer!

Pay is $25 to $50 per article.

5. Digital Ocean

Want to get paid for writing and do good at the same time? At Digital Ocean, it’s possible. This site looks for tutorial articles that have to do with software development and production systems.

If you can write a thorough tutorial in one of these areas, you’ll get paid $300. In addition, the site will make a matching donation to a select tech-focused charity.

6. Funds for Writers

Are you already a freelance writer? If so, you can share your story of how you make a living as a freelance writer with Funds for Writers.

This site does have very specific guidelines if you hope to be accepted, so read through everything very carefully before submitting your work.

Payment is $50 via PayPal for original content.

7. Listverse

If you like the idea of writing list-style blog posts, make money writing for Listverse. In their writer guidelines, they are very clear that you don’t have to be a writer in order to get published.

They prefer submissions from regular readers who have good English and like unusual or interesting things.

The way this works is that you submit list-style articles containing at least 10 things. If the editors approve your work, it will be published. If you want to get paid, you actually have to submit enough accepted articles to become a staff writer.

For now, it appears they only accept submissions from writers living in the United States, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Australia, Ireland, Canada, and South Africa.

8. MoneyPantry

Are you a money-saving guru? If so, share your tips or strategies in an article for MoneyPantry and earn up to $150.

There are some guidelines to keep in mind. Each submission must be at least 700 words, include actual real-life examples, and be written in a friendly style.

9. Crowd Content

Crowd Content is an actual freelance writing site, so this is something to look into if you’d like more regular work. Within the site, work is available based on your level and experience.

This platform pays out twice a week, which is excellent if you need cash fast.

10. Constant Content

Constant Content hires writers to fulfill content needs for a wide range of businesses and organizations, including some very well-known brands.

This platform is a little different in that it offers you the ability to make money in one of two ways: fulfill custom content requests from clients, or sell written work in their online catalog at a price you set.

11. Writer’s Weekly

If you’re a successful freelance writer or you have some industry tips and marketing know-how you can share with writers, you can get paid with Writer’s Weekly.

This publication focuses on helping writers up their game. There is quite a bit of info under the submission guidelines, and they do ask that you first subscribe to their newsletter before sending a pitch. This is always a good idea anyway, since it gives you a feel for the writing style they like.

If your article is accepted, you’ll receive at least $60.

Finding More Ways to Earn With Your Writing

If writing is something that comes easily to you, consider working from home as a freelance writer.

As a freelancer, you can quickly make a full-time income while working only part time.

Read more about how to become a freelance writer here.

If you’d rather do occasional work without the need to constantly pitch to new places, there are ways to do that too.

Find a list of websites here that regularly hire freelance writers from home.

Have you had success with any of these (or other) websites where you could write and get paid quickly? If so, I’d love for you to share your experience with me!

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